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  • After suffering with a frozen shoulder for almost 7 months, (which I have to say was initially misdiagnosed by the medical profession), I received several sessions of bio energy healing. From then on, the pain subsided with amazingly quick results, enabling me to physically begin physio movements on my shoulder. With the help of Esmeralda’s energy healing my shoulder is now strong and mobile again.

    Since then, I now happily enjoy receiving bio energy to promote my general, all round wellbeing. Esmeralda’s ability to detect and clear energy disturbances has not only physically uplifted me, but emotionally uplifted me too. After every session I feel relaxed as well as re-charged. Amazing! Thank you Esmeralda.”

    Yvette - Amara Soaps & Natural Skincare
  • “To everyone who has never experienced reiki before I can throughly recommend it. I went in totally open minded and didn’t know what to expect. Esmeralda made me feel relaxed and at ease. I found the whole treatment very relaxing and quite magical, with a warmth that moved across my body and that soothed the pain in my knee. This enabled me to undertake the Physio exercises which was too painful prior. This also enabled me to sleep better feel more energetic and feel more positive. “
    Angela Clarke -
  • “I had a series of treatments , both face to face with Esmeralda and then through ‘distance ‘ treatments.I felt very safe and calm with Esmeralda, she has a great manner of stillness and understanding.After the treatments, I felt an overall sense of wellbeing and calm and slept really well.

    I was experiencing severe pain in my shoulder which wasn’t leaving me, despite having shad several massages. After the treatments, I definitely felt a decrease in acute pain in my shoulder.

    My ears, which had been blocked and caused lack of hearing started popping, and cleared a little which was a great relief to me as they had been blocked for many years and I’d had very little remedy from other practitioners.

    I think Esmeralda has a great gift of healing and would recommend her to others”

    Anna L -
  • “I have had Reiki before with other practitioners and found Esmeralda’s therapy particularly powerful and beneficial. I felt very relaxed during and after the treatment and slept very well that night.
    When I awoke the next day I felt increased physical energy and stamina and also a more focussed and positive outlook which was noticeable for some time afterwards.”
    Jose -