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Holistic Health Coaching can help you achieve your goals in many ways.
It’s a way of working that helps you use your own resources and tap into your innate potential. Working together, improvements or changes can be made.

You might want to improve your health, diet, relationships, career, scale up your level of physical activity; or perhaps spirituality is your main focus.

There is no generalised way of looking at those wanting help and I approach each person as a unique individual: this is important when working out how to tackle your goals and how best to achieve the results you seek.

I offer support and guidance to encourage more mindful food choices, address health concerns such as skin conditions, digestive problems and hormonal imbalances, diminish sugar addiction and reduce chronic stress which can often negatively impact on work and emotional balance.

Whatever the issue might be I work with you to tailor, commit to and achieve positive and meaningful objectives.

Holistic Health Coaching gives you the tools to bring about the changes you desire.


My studies have been guided by the world’s top health and wellness experts while my life and training have given me a broad knowledge in good coaching and holistic nutrition.

I have an ongoing personal commitment to deepening my knowledge and understanding in order to better help others evolve and flourish.

With an awareness of the great extent to which diet contributes to our sense of well-being, both in our mental resilience and in our physical state, what and how we eat forms part of the focus in the help I offer.