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Esmeralda, Reiki and Bioenergy Healing practitioner

My interest in complementary therapies started at a very young age spending most of my early years with my grandmother who had a deep knowledge of traditional Xhosa tribal remedies used for centuries. She would regularly take me with her to gather the specific plants and herbs needed to make oils, lotions and infusions using them to help women in childbirth, massage babies and infants and soothe mothers suffering traumas during and after delivery.

When a close family member was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2007, I looked at ways to help. That is when I discovered the Domancic Method of Bioenergy Healing.

I took my Level 1 course finding it fascinating and profoundly helpful to many family members with diverse ailments and difficulties. Encouraged by these positive results I went on to study in more depth and became qualified in Level 2. This then allowed me to do long-distance healing sessions which was a great help with most of my family being in France, Italy and South Africa.

After becoming a Bioenergy Healing practitioner I had a desire to further develop personally and professionally and decided to study the Reiki Usui System of Natural Healing, a powerful but gentle energy healing method. My Traditional Usui Reiki lineage can be traced back to Dr Usui.

My life has changed so much since attaining Reiki Level 1, giving me a sense of personal empowerment. I spent a long time working on myself before completing Level 2 with a great master.
I am fascinated by energy healing and how much it can bring to people, as a result I am inspired to demonstrate how wonderful Reiki is. As a professional accredited Reiki practitioner I am a member of the FHT and adhere to their Code of Professional Practice.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss any aspect of treatment with Bioenergy Healing or Reiki.  I look forward to hearing from you.