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Hi, I’m Esmeralda and am passionately dedicated to complementary therapies with a focus on mother and baby embracing all stages of women’s life journey.

We have immense powers to self-heal both physically and spiritually: it’s how the human race has survived for most of our history without the relatively recent advent of modern medicine.

By restoring and rebalancing our own natural life energy (also known as prana, ki or chi), the powers our body is born with are allowed and encouraged to do what they do best.

This is what inspired me to become a Bioenergy Healing therapist and soon after a Reiki practitioner. These gentle yet powerful forms of healing offer help with a wide range of health issues in a non-invasive way. They enhance and stimulate our innate ability to mend and recover.

I am also a qualified Holistic Health Coach enabling me to offer support and guidance to individuals in devising realistic and workable plans for improving their diet, health and well-being on both a physical and emotional level.